What I Never Had Seen

by Nicolas Peter Eichen

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Six songs about UFOs, motorcycles, and feelings you wish would just go away.

Recorded in my bedroom in Boone and my parents' in Apex in December 2016.

Album art by Reece Rose


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Nicolas Peter Eichen Boone, North Carolina

Ecclesiastes 1:9

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Track Name: Kid
did you drive all the way up here
just to sit around and drink beer
at your brother's apartment where nobody lives
I gotta say I'm disappointed in you
Track Name: Animal & Our Future
I didn't wanna talk about animals or our future
I didn't wanna think about the tennessee valley authority
then you came in talking bout the three dogs on your shoulder
I didn't need to talk about the birthmark inside of my knee
cause you wouldn't know about that
would you wanna know about that?

well the tide rolls in and the tide rolls out and I
thought we were running out of things to talk about but
your ears are long and my hair is red there's
cigarettes there's birth control in the watershed
enough blood and curd to fill a gallon drum
no strong handed man staring down a loaded gun
when I find myself content I know it won't last long
soon I'll be back to thinking that everything is wrong
in my life in the world I'm nothing but terrified
jesus christ
out in space
they're watching from satellites

there's a dam in the river where the tributaries met but
this is all dumb forget what I said
Track Name: Beginner's Masonry
I saw witches reading woolf
digging holes out in the garden
they tied bells around their shoes
singing songs I had forgotten
they said
"if you ever turn around we'll be sure to not be found"

they tied my arms behind my back
they're laying tile down in the basement
black & white red smeared like paint
behind their masks they hid their faces
they said
"if you ever make a sound we'll be sure to lay you down"

I saw the moon hang in the blinds
casting light cross his apartment
when I woke I'd thought I'd died
I heard a voice it whispered softly
it said
"learn to swim or else you'll drown; spring surely floods this town"

some bratty
thing that I needed
for comfort
I fell in love with a cobweb again
Track Name: Soap
I can't
get you off
you're like soap
on my skin
and the ropes
they're taut
the knots will not come undone again

just in case the sprawl collides
get in the car
you're gonna learn to drive
this weather doesn't feel like october it
feels like march
and I'm
lying naked in the yard
Track Name: Six Flags
are you in love with anyone?
it doesn't have to be me
I need to know to stare them down
I need to know I need I need

when I drove you home I thought "it's alright"
"we must have lost them on their bikes"
"I'll guard the door I'll stay up all night"

they filled the rivers up with birth control
the fish were drowning in their organs
you told me you wished you were born a girl
I need to know I need I need

well they broke our windows with baseball bats
combat boots, michael myers masks
"thou shall not" written cross their backs
jesus christ I don't feel right
cross myself I'd be just fine
if the briars weren't so tight
if the buses ran all night
jesus christ I don't feel right
Track Name: Briars
there's a briar round my forearm
and it cuts like broken glass
thousand things I wanna tell you
a thousand things I just can't ask

books on dharma and
the boys we like
UFOs those
sounds at night

drawing stars across the map now
ink bright red stains my skin
baphomet scrawled on your shower curtain you
wear to god you worship him

books on dharma and
the boys we like
UFOs those
sounds at night

pretty sure this isn't normal
pretty sure this won't pass
cause there's a briar round my forearm
and it cuts like broken glass